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Monday, March 25, 2013

FAA Closing Control Tower at Lynchburg Regional Airport

The sequestration plan is hitting home again, this time at Lynchburg Regional Airport. The FAA released its Tower Closure List on Friday, March 22 to go into effect on April 7 as an effort to cut spending.

Lynchburg Regional Airport is the only airport in Virginia that will close out of the list of 149 regional airports. As many as five people could lose their jobs at the Lynchburg Regional Airport. Planes will still be able to land and take off from Lynchburg, but they'll be monitored from a control tower in Roanoke.  That already happens during the late night and early morning hours, when Lynchburg's control tower isn't staffed.

The director of Lynchburg Regional Airport, Mark Courtney, says passengers can expect delays after the closure, but it will not affect the airport's stringent safety guidelines and procedures.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Sequestration Cancels the Memorial Day Weekend Air Show

The Lynchburg Regional Air Show Corporation (LRA) announced Friday, March 15, 2013 that the Memorial Day weekend air show featuring the Navy’s Blue Angels and other performers has been cancelled.

Due to the government’s “sequestration” of funding that supports military air show performers, the Lynchburg Regional Airshow Corporation concluded that the risks of attempting to conduct a viable air show were too great. Concerns included the potential inability of the air show to meet the high standards the Lynchburg community deserves, and the likelihood of significant financial losses.

It is unknown if the Blue Angels will be grounded before the May air show. However, this uncertainty combined with our recent notification that the Army’s Golden Knights have terminated all of their performances as well as other military aircraft and support cancellations the Lynchburg show was counting on gave reason for concern. A last-minute cancellation of the show would cause considerable disappointment, uproot plans, and place the air show in financial jeopardy. Thus, the decision to cancel at this time allows all affected entities to plan accordingly. 

Conducting an air show is an expensive proposition and must at least “break even.” 
Consequently other air shows around the country are being cancelled this year as a direct result of “sequestration.” 

The most regrettable result of this cancellation is the plan to recognize and honor our military on Memorial Day weekend, negated by the actions and decisions in Washington. This was to be the centerpiece of the show. 

The airshow leadership is extremely grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who were committed to assisting with the airshow. Many of whom have been working for over a year in preparation.

Planning for a 2015 air show in Lynchburg will begin immediately.